Vijay Rakhra

Vijay Rakhra is the Founder and Creative Director of Wedding Documentary. Vijay’s dad is Hindu Punjabi and his mom is American from Illinois. He was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area in the town of Los Gatos and is where Wedding Documentary is based.

Vijay fell in love with photography and filmmaking from a young age and went on to study Film and Digital Media at UC Santa Cruz. After graduating, a friend asked him to film a wedding and the rest is history.

Hobbies include playing West African drums, working out, and traveling.


rashmiRashmi Rao

Rashmi is a Lead Photographer and Photo Editor at Wedding Documentary. She fell in love with photography after having a background in painting, dancing, and modeling. She speaks five languages and likes to go on walks, travel to new places, drink lattes, and take lots of photos wherever she goes!