Vijay Rakhra

Vijay Rakhra is the Founder and Creative Director of Wedding Documentary. Vijay is a Calfornia native that grew up in Los Gatos, CA. His dad is from New Delhi India and his mom is from Illinois. He grew up as a typical Californian but became fascinated with various cultures from throughout the world. Vijay spent his college years traveling a lot and making films about distant lands. Being interested in portraiture and journalism Vijay spent considerable time studying photography in school and worked for the school newspaper as a photojournalist. Vijay graduated with a degree in Film and Digital Media from UC Santa Cruz and started a production company. Vijay shot is first wedding in 2004 and officially began Wedding Documentary Photo + Cinema in 2007 with a focus on high-end wedding photography and cinematography. Ten years later, Wedding Documentary is one of the best Indian wedding photography companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and has garnered many awards, publications, and respect within the Indian community.

When Vijay is not shooting weddings, he is working out the gym, learning about technology, reading, hiking, traveling, snowboarding, and cooking. He loves dogs, sunsets, and amazing food!


rashmiRashmi Rao

Rashmi is South Indian and got to live in many different regions of India because her dad was in the Army. Rashmi moved to the Bay Area over twenty years ago and has worked in the Silicon Valley tech industry. Rashmi always had a passion for photography, fashion, and art so it was fitting to start working with Wedding Documentary in 2013. Rashmi is not only a main photographer, she is an editor, retoucher, and blogger for the company.

When Rashmi is not shooting or editing, she is working out at the gym, shopping, or making chai! She loves latte’s, Bhel Puri, and cute fluffy dogs!