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Karen + Rajvir | Sacramento Gurdwara and San Jose Reception Wedding Highlights

We are so excited for the week before Thanksgiving because we are finalizing all of our films shot over the summer! Every day this week we have released a new film and today we are releasing the highlights of Karen and Rajvir!

Karen and Raj had an array of events in three cities. The groom had pre events like the Haldi ceremony at his home in San Jose and a Sangeet in the evening. Karen had a Haldi at her home in Woodland, CA and a Sangeet in the evening as well. The next day both the bride and groom got ready at their homes and then the groom’s side travelled from San Jose to the Sacramento Gurdwara where the ceremony took place.

Once the ceremony was complete the wedding party headed back to the bride’s house in Woodland for the dholi, before heading back to the groom’s house for the official welcoming of the bride into the groom’s home. The final day was the reception that was held in San Jose at the Scottish Rite center. This was a perfect venue for the reception and we had such a great time capturing all their dancing! I even got to be a judge during the dance off!

We wish them a lifetime of happiness and hope you all enjoy this beautiful cinematic wedding highlights!

Karen + Rajvir | Sikh Wedding Sacramento from Vijay Rakhra on Vimeo.

Raman + Raveen | Cinematic Wedding Highlights Video at Fremont Gurdwara and Chandni Restaurant

We had one of the best summers ever! We had a wedding nearly every weekend and more Sikh weddings than any of our previous years! We like to think we became experts at photographing and filming Sikh Weddings here in the Bay Area!

Raman and Raveen are an awesome couple! We had two engagement sessions with them and got to spend many hours with them and their families during their wedding events that took place in July. We captured all their events in great detail to put together a cinematic film that will stand the test of time and be a keepsake for their family forever.

As you can see this cinematic film uses “time shifting” to make the story more interesting. We bounce back and forth between different scenes so the film is not predictable or boring. Our style is to do fast cutting because we know people have short attention spans and holding on a shot too long will definitely “lose your audience”. What makes having a highlight film special is that you can see so much so quickly and share it with friends who are thousands of miles away online quickly and easily.

Every day we are so thankful we get to make films for our couples. We know that after years have passed, and we no longer look the same and when our memories begin to fade, having these precious moments documented in an artistic and cinematic way, will be the most cherished keepsake for future generations to see their past and better understand their history.

Now sit back and relax and watch Raman and Raveen’s cinematic wedding film that was shot at the bride’s home, groom’s home, the Fremont Gurdwara, and Chandni Restaurant in Fremont. California.

Raman + Raveen | Sikh Wedding Fremont Gurdwara from Vijay Rakhra on Vimeo.

Navneet + Mandeep | Sikh Wedding Highlights at San Jose Gurdwara

What an amazing wedding weekend this was! We have never had so much fun over a Labor Day Weekend! Navneet and Mandeep planned multiple days of events and we had such a great time documenting each one of them! Their pre wedding events took place at their homes in San Jose and Fremont. The wedding was at the San Jose Gurdwara and the reception was at the Metreon City View in San Francisco.

At the reception we played our same day edit, which was similar to this except for the fact that it did not include reception speeches or dancing. After the wedding was over we were able to go back to the edit to include these additional moments and to make a more comprehensive edit.

We love photographing and filming weddings at the San Jose Gurdwara as it is one of the best Sikh temples to get married at in all of California! We were probably there 10 times this year and it was fabulous every time! The Metreon is now one of our favorite spots as well! Just when we thought we had shot everywhere the venue was perfect for this wedding reception! And with seven screens, guests had no problem viewing the same day edit.

I say I like all of our couples and that is true but Navneet and Mandeep were some of the coolest people ever!  Ever since the engagement session we knew these guys were going to be life long friends. They are chill and very real! It was amazingly easy to photograph them and capture their true essence which is so important to us. We cannot wait to work with again on future endeavors and now sit back and enjoy their stunning wedding highlights!

Navneet + Mandeep | Sikh Wedding Highlights Bay Area from Vijay Rakhra on Vimeo.

Caroline + Neal | Hindu/Christian Fusion Cinematic Highlights

It is not often we get to shoot a wedding where a Marati Hindu man marries an Egyptian/German woman! Caroline and Neal’s wedding at the San Mateo Marriott was unforgettable! They both looked amazing and are so nice that we wanted this wedding to just keep on going and going!

The day started with the bride and groom getting ready in their hotel rooms. We documented both of them preparing, as well as, had crew members shooting setup of the decor downstairs. Once the bride and groom were ready we did a “first look” in the courtyard and some portraits of the couple alone. After that Neal headed to join his Baraat and Caroline awaited to be called to walk down the aisle.

After their beautiful Hindu ceremony the bride and groom changed into their western wedding clothes while guests enjoyed tea and snacks. The American ceremony gave them an opportunity to exchange vows, rings, and even a kiss! Once the ceremony was over we did a lot of family portraits and then headed to cocktail hour and into the reception for the party!

As you can see Caroline and Neal, as well as, all their guests had an absolute blast! We are so thankful we got to capture these amazing moments for them and look forward to seeing them again soon at more weddings!

Caroline + Neal | Hindu and Christian Fusion Wedding from Vijay Rakhra on Vimeo.

Aman + Kanwar | Cinematic Sikh Wedding Highlights Video at San Jose Gurdwara

2013 has been a phenomenal year and we have the honor of working with some of the best couples ever! We especially have done more Sikh weddings than any other year with most of them being at our favorite temple, the San Jose Gurdwara. This temple is one of the nicest Sikh temples in the Bay Area and is the perfect place for the ceremony, portraits, and beautiful lighting inside.

Aman and Kanwar had a few days of gorgeous events so you can imagine how difficult it can be to include all of the events in one film. In addition to the longer film they will receive, this shorter cinematic highlights will be the quick “go-to” video that they can watch anytime from any device. As attention spans are getting shorter and more and more people access video on their mobile phones and tablets our cinematic highlights will increasingly become more and more important.

Aman and Kanwar have a special place in our hearts! Aman is soft spoken, sweet, funny, and caring. Kanwar is outgoing, outdoorsy, knows a lot about technology, and is also very interested in photography and the future! We had a wonderful time at all their events and absolutely love these shots that we were able to capture at their Mehndi, Haldi, Jaago, Wedding, and Reception events!

We made their reception extra special by having a live photo booth and also a reserved spot where friends and family could give their well wishes to the couple on video! This was perfect because their schedule at the reception was very tight so there was not a lot of time to have a ton of speeches.

If you are planning on getting married in the San Francisco Bay Area and need a photographer and videographer then give us a call! We are celebrating our ten year anniversary in 2014 and are so grateful for this exciting journey of documenting love!

Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the show!

Aman + Kanwar | Sikh Wedding Highlights from Vijay Rakhra on Vimeo.

Sonam + Navin's Grand Entrance Video

Same Day Edits are all the rage these days in the wedding videographer world but what do you do when everyone is doing them and you want to be different? In some ways the thrill of editing together an entire wedding and showing it on the big screen is a cool thrill, but what if you just want to tease the audience with something fun, easy, and lighthearted?

This is when we decided to go with the idea that instead of a sappy and sort of longer, same day edit, that we do a “Getting Ready” video that would be played right before the bride and groom’s entrance!

The idea was simple. Shoot the getting ready and show the couple doing something sort of funny, which was taking lots of shots together. Show them leave their hotel, get on the party bus, having a good time on the bus, getting off the bus and entering their reception. At the moment the film ended the bride and groom entered to a cheering audience and the rest of the night was a blast!

To get something like this made we had to know the song and exact timing of when they would enter. We had to sort of gauge how many shots we could use to fill the time which was just over a minute of screen time, and we needed to come up with something sort of funny to add some humor because otherwise frankly, it would have been a little boring. Throw in a fast paced song with cool effects and cinematography by Wedding Documentary and you have a killer little video that got everyone pumped for the night!

Sonam + Navin’s Pre-Grand Entrance Video from Vijay Rakhra on Vimeo.