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Devika + Krishna | Sikh Wedding Highlights

Devika is a Sikh Punjabi from North India and Krishna is a a Hindu South Indian but that did not stop their love from growing over the few years they dated before getting married this May! They had a fusion Sikh and Hindu wedding with a Ring Ceremony night, a Jaago night, a Mehndi night, two ceremonies, and finally a reception!

From her beautiful red lengha to her jaw dropping jewelry, Devika looked fabulous every second of her events! Their main ceremony was a Sikh ceremony at the San Jose Gurdwara. From the looks of it you would think Krishna was a Punjabi himself. He looked great in the turban and carried himself very well through all the Sikh events. After the ceremony we went back to the bride’s house where Krishna’s dad performed a basic Hindu ceremony and then it was off to Krishna’s house and Devika’s future house where they played door games and relaxed after a very long day!

The reception was a ton of dancing and partying and even after their wedding was over, we wish it was still going we had that much fun! Sit back, turn up the sound on your speakers and enjoy!

Monica + Devang | Cinematic Hindu Wedding Highlights | San Francisco Design Center

We hope you can sit down and fasten your seat belts for this one! Monica and Devang had an amazing two day wedding over Memorial Day Weekend in San Francisco at one of my favorite venues, the San Francisco Design Center!

Everything at this wedding was perfect, the couple, the clothes, the lighting, the decor, the guests and the list goes on and on! The Sangeet was held at the San Mateo Marriott, a venue where we are the preferred vendors and always enjoy shooting events at. They had a program filled with dancing and speeches, as well as, Garba and Dandiya.

On the day of the wedding the bride and groom got ready at their respective locations before heading to the Design Center. The groom was put in place where his beautiful bride would come and see him for the very first time. After which, the bridal party gathered for photos together before the groom headed outside to come officially with what is known as the Baraat, or procession of his family to the Mandap. The Mandap is where the Hindu priest performed the marriage ceremony and after taking seven steps together and proclaiming their love and devotion to one another they were officially married.

The evening party was off the hook! I mean we had the best DJ, DJ Salim, the best looking people in the Bay Area tearing up the dance floor, and amazing light! Of course I was on steadicam because that is how I like to roll at receptions! We think the party was the best part of the entire day!

If you have not had a chance to view the amazing photos from this wedding you can view them here! For now pump up your speakers and get ready because our goal with this film was to “rock you”! Enjoy!

Monica + Devang | Hindu Wedding Highlights at San Francisco Design Center from Vijay Rakhra on Vimeo.

Jasmine + Avan | Indo-Fijian Hindu Cinematic Wedding Highlights

If you are about to watch this video you are in for a treat! Our latest cinematic wedding highlights features one of the coolest couples ever! We absolutely love Jasmine and Avan. They are so sweet and so down to earth. We laughed, cried, and had the best time together throughout all their wedding events! They got married at one of our favorite venues, the San Mateo Marriott where we are the preferred vendors.

Now a few short weeks after the wedding we posted their wedding photos on our blog which you can view here! Now is the time we post their wedding highlights! Editing video takes so much more time than editing photos. While we can spend 20-30 hours editing images we can easily spend 50+ hours working on a wedding film and that does not even include all the final DVD authoring etc if that is part of the package. However, with all that time that goes into it, we still have always managed to stick to a three month turnaround time that I am very proud of. While other couples may wait 6 months to a year for their wedding films we have always delivered way faster than that.

This beautiful wedding weekend started with the Mehndi night with Neeta Sharma decorating our bride Jasmine, who we like to refer to as Princess Jasmine :-). The following day, in the Fijian custom, the bride does her Haldi 7 times throughout the day. We covered the evening portion where they also had a Sangeet and rituals familiar to Hindus from India. The third day was the wedding and reception. Both the bride and groom prepared for the day at the hotel in separate rooms. Myrium did Jasmine’s beautiful makeup and Jasmine wore a beautiful yellow Lengha. It was amazing!

After a short Bharat, our groom Avan did a Pooja with the priest. Here he performed rituals in honor of Lord Ganesh asking for the removal of obstacles and a happy marriage. The offering of ghee (butter), spices, and other things to the Agne (fire) was performed and then he walked to the Mandap to start the ceremony.

After their beautiful ceremony they had a fun cocktail hour with food provided by Raja Sweets and then lots of dancing and fun! It was the perfect way to spend Mother’s Day.

We hope you enjoy their Cinematic Wedding Highlights Reel and please leave us some comments below!


Jasmine + Avan | Fijian Hindu Wedding Highlights from Vijay Rakhra on Vimeo.

Priya + Arun | Hindu Wedding Highlights

Priya and Arun had a spectacular Indian wedding at Holman Ranch in Carmel, CA. It was our first time shooting at this venue and we loved it. We have never seen such a perfect backdrop for a wedding and photos and video.

The day started with the bride and groom getting, which led to the Baraat and then traditional Hindu ceremony. After the ceremony we did photos with the couple and then they changed for the reception. The day was warm and the sun was shining! We got to see some past clients and hopefully meet some new ones. This wedding was so much fun and Priya and Arun are genuine and very kind people. We love our job and working for great people like these two!

The theme of the wedding was dogs because Priya is obsessed with dogs! They have an amazing dog and he was there joining in the festivities. Some other highlights was the flash mob organized by Rasika Kumar, one of our past brides, as well as, the ice cream truck that served treats to all their guests!

We hope you enjoy this cinematic highlights reel that showcases some of our favorite moments of the day. The complete wedding film is nearly two hours long but here is a glimpse to keep you wanting more!

Vidya + Hershey | Cinematic Hindu Wedding Highlights at Casa Real

Vidya and Hershey had a beautiful traditional Hindu wedding at one of our favorite venues in the Bay Area, Casa Real. The day started with getting ready preps and then the couple proceeded to do a “first look”. Hershey and his family had a procession while Hershey rode his mare to the ceremony site known as the Mandap. The Hindu wedding was consummated in front of the Holy Fire known as Agni. Guests enjoyed cocktail hour outside and then everyone was seated for the grand entrance. Family and friends gave speeches and toasts and the night concluded with lots of dancing, laughing, and happiness.

We had a great time working with Vidya and Hershey and all their family members. They are the sweetest people and we are so blessed and thankful we get to work for clients like them. It makes our job so much easier and makes it that much more fun. This short highlights reel showcases some of our favorite moments during their wedding celebration. We had many more moments to included but if we added them, then it would no longer be a highlights reel! The couple also received a complete ceremony and reception documentary edit that included everything from the day.

For information about our wedding cinematography packages in the Bay Area please give us a call or send us a message using this link to our contact page. Now sit back and enjoy the film!

Shrina + Biren | Hindu Wedding Highlights at Oakland Rotunda

Wow! What an amazing time we had with Shrina and Biren over three days of wedding events last month! Click on the link below to view their traditional Hindu Wedding that took place at the beautiful Oakland Rotunda! It was our first time shooting here and we love this place! The cool glass dome ceiling and patterned floor are perfect for wedding events! It’s also big and can hold a lot of people so it is the perfect Bay Area venue for Indian weddings!

We loved that Shrina and Biren chose the song “Good Life” for their highlights reel. It really expresses them as a couple and their personalities. It’s a perfect wedding song and as much as we like Indian music for soundtracks we think choosing a song that has meaning to the couple and great lyrics is a better choice.

We would love to hear your comments so drop us a line below and we look forward to sharing many more films right here on the blog this summer!

Neelima + Brian | Fusion Wedding Highlights at Bently Reserve

Our 2013 wedding season is officially underway! We are so excited for this upcoming year! We have so many cool new things happening! Those who follow our blog are going to be in for a treat! We are planning a ton of great posts including photos, films, wedding tips, and much much more!

Neelima and Brian are an awesome couple! We were so excited to photograph and film their wedding at the Bently Reserve in San Francisco. They had a fusion wedding with a legal ceremony performed by a judge and then a Hindu ceremony. The Hindu ceremony was done in record time, just around 15 minutes and this was achieved by not having a formal Priest. This way they could perform all the rituals without having a lot of talking, which tends to take most of the time during a Hindu ceremony.

After the ceremony they headed back to the hotel to change while we shot cocktail hour and did some awesome time lapses that I think add a lot to the production value of the piece. It was a little sketchy leaving a $5,000 camera out on the street in SF in the rain but it was worth it to get the shot!

I could not believe how Neelima and Brian managed to talk with each one of their guests at their wedding. That is very rare to see and it really shows how important their friends and family are. The night ended with amazing food, speeches, dancing, and more dancing! Pump up your speakers, sit back, and enjoy this gorgeous Indian wedding Highlights Video at the Bently Reserve in San Francisco!


Sonia + Rohit | Fremont Marriott Hindu Wedding Film

Sonia and Rohit’s wedding photos came out amazing! Now it’s time to share with everyone the short film we made for the wedding couple! The short film is our signature piece. It is usually around five minutes in length and contains our favorite parts of the day, along with some quotes that we think carry the story and give us insight to the personalities and character of the bride and groom. The short film can either be purchased by itself or with a longer film which, we call a “Documentary Edit”.

Sonia and Rohit’s wedding took place at the newly renovated Fremont Marrott. Sit back, turn up your speakers and enjoy!

Vinita + Harold | Indian Fusion Wedding Highlights Video

Welcome Spring! We hope you are all enjoying the sunshine this weekend here in the San Francisco Bay Area!

We have a new highlights to share today on the blog and it’s from Vinita and Harold’s two day Jewish/Christian Fusion wedding! The first day there was a Jewish wedding ceremony at Shir Hadash in Los Gatos and then on Sunday there was a Christian ceremony. The reception took place at the Decathlon Club in Santa Clara. In this short highlights reel we have compiled all the best shots and most memorable moments of the day into one short film.

Sit back and relax and enjoy this awesome Fusion wedding and congrats to Vinita and Harold! Music licensed through Song Freedom.

Deepika's Mehndi Night Video | Mehndi by Neeta Sharma

One of my favorite events for an Indian wedding is the Mehndi night. I love it so much because it is usually my first time meeting the bride’s immediate family and friends. I get to hang out with them usually at their home and get to know them, while doing mostly candid photography and cinematography. That is right! I often shoot Mehndi parties solo so the artist does not have an entourage hovering over them while they work. It gives me the ability to work fast and get a variety of angles without having anyone in my shot. I blend in and capture moments that happen very fast but are totally unscripted, natural, and thoughtful. No one really knows if I am shooting stills or motion and sometimes I really like that. They end up not paying attention to me at all and then they reveal their true selfs.

So what is Mehndi all about and why do they do it? Thousands of years of tradition is the main reason but in a nutshell, the mehndi on the hands and feet of the bride beautifies her and brings her good fortune on her wedding day. She appears more elegant and Maharani (princess) like. It’s an opportunity for her to spend time with her family before she goes away and her friends entertain her with dancing. Lots of food, laughter, music, and of course henna, makes for a very happy occasion.

The Mehndi night is our chance to connect with the family of the bride and get to know her parents. We use this opportunity to photograph in a casual and candid manor so that the following days of events, the family is also trusting and familiar with us. When people trust they ultimately look and feel their best and we are able to produce our best work.

Here is a short clip of Deepika’s Mehndi highlights. As mentioned I did the photography and cinematography. Our goal for the edit of a Mehndi party such as this is a 2-4 minute highlight style video that showcases the process of the Mehndi application, as well as, showing the friends and family that gathered for the event. If there are longer performances or other activities taking place we will communicate with the couple to decide how much should be included in the final edited piece.

I highly recommend Neeta Sharma to do your Mehndi for your wedding events in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has such amazing and unique designs. The intricacy is so beautiful and she loves it so much that she is constantly taking her designs to the next level. You can find her at her site here:


Rakhee + Kirat | Hindu Wedding Highlights in Livermore, CA

Rakhee and Kirat held their traditional Hindu wedding over Thanksgiving weekend in Livermore, CA. We had the pleasure of both photographing and filming their events. Ajooba did an awesome job decorating and coordinating and we loved the color scheme of their reception! We have a ton of amazing photos and hours of video footage so creating something like this 5 minute piece is quite a challenge.

Livermore Community Center where their events took place is a wonderful place for both Garba/Sangeets, as well as, weddings. The area is spacious with a nice outdoor area, as well as, a convenient stage that works for a mandap, band, or other performers.

We hope you enjoy Rakhee and Kirat’s wedding highlights below!

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