Mehvish and Omar | San Francisco Engagement Shoot

Mehvish and Omar are having a four day wedding event on July 15-18, 2010. We are super excited to be documenting their day with both stills and cinema coverage. To have a little fun before the big week of festivities we headed over to San Francisco for an engagement shoot next to the large bow and arrow art piece next to the ball park. Mehvish and Omar parked at the ballpark and ended up walking all the way to the bow and arrow which, was far so I felt kind of bad about that. Not to mention, it was freezing cold and windy. Probably the worst conditions to do a shoot besides rain or sand storm!

Both Mehvish and Omar didn’t mind much though and they were awesome to photograph. They both are very REAL people who love to travel and are genuinely interested in the world (like I am)! We were not able to make it down to the beach as planned because it was just too cold but we had fun at any rate. Here are few of my favorites and be sure to stay tuned for their wedding images in July!


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