Sheena and Romish | UC Berkeley & San Francisco E-Session

What a stunningly beautiful couple! Sheena and Romish are both UC Berkeley Alumni and they wanted to come back to their college stomping grounds for a few photos! We were really excited that it was sunny outside on this particular Friday, but it was actually hot, and there were a ton of students on campus enjoying the weather. Instead of shooting where no people would be in the background, I decided to use it to our advantage to show a little bit of the culture of the campus and include them in the shots. Then we could make it look like they were back in school and caught on film without knowing. We had a blast walking around and getting these great shots!

From Berkeley we drove across the bride into SF where Sheena’s parents have a condo right in the Embarcadero. The view from the condo was phenomenal with more than 180 degrees of cityscape. My lovely couple changed outfits and we took some shots in the condo before heading out to the waterfront.

The Embarcadero in San Francisco is a great place for engagement shoots because you get a variety of backgrounds all in one spot. You can get shots of the Bay Bridge, or turn around and have a beautiful skyline of buildings. Of course, we have some beautiful installation artwork too and it’s a very large bow and arrow. Instead of shooting with natural light, a studio strobe behind the couple made for dramatic lighting effects and I could expose for the blue sky instead of having it all washed out white.

All in all, we had a great shoot and we are very excited for Sheena and Romish’s wedding in July!


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