Engagement Video and Same Day Edit

When Phoebe and Chris met with me, they expressed their interest in having not only a photo engagement shoot, but also a video engagement shoot! I told them about a “love story interview” type video and they loved the idea. So when we did the photo engagement shoot, I also shot video, and they even had their entire bridal party there for the shoot as well! After we shot the footage, I recorded them talking about one another separately. Then, on another day, we went to the beach and captured even more photos and video.

I edited everything together, leaving some space at the end where they talked about what they were looking forward to the day of the wedding. After the morning ceremony at the beautiful Villa Montalvo in Saratoga, I came home and quickly edited in some shots from the wedding and burned a new DVD and went to their reception at ABC Seafood in Milpitas. The bride and groom were so surprised because not only had they not seen the engagement video, they did not even think that I would be editing in footage from the wedding!

This is one of those moments when I really love what I do, because seeing the reaction of the bride and groom was priceless. They were so happy, excited, and really floored I think because we really put a lot of editing and effort into this video to make it perfect!

So sit back and enjoy this video, which we just made and showed last night at the reception!


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