Jennie and Eric | The Ranch Golf Club Wedding Highlights

What an amazing event with an amazing couple! I was so excited for Jennie and Eric’s big day because I had a blast working with them for Jennies sister’s wedding just a few months prior. During her wedding, Jennie was so calm, organized, and helpful! Seriously, she was one of the nicest people I had ever met. So real and down to earth. When you work with people like that you really feel like you are doing something special, something very important and meaningful. That’s pretty much why I shoot weddings in the first place. I want to capture these special moments in people’s lives so they can cherish the memories forever. I think I have a knack for choosing those moments and capturing them in a way that reflects the couple, the mood of the event, and the way I think the bride and groom want to remember it.

This wedding was fun, easy going, and really amazing. We did have a little stress with the weather. It would be sunny, then it would be cloudy, then it would drizzle, and basically kept changing all the time. We had to keep going back and forth between overhangs and such to keep them all dry but I definitely wanted some wow shots on the putting green with the city scape background and we were able to get that!

Having shot Ivy and Steve’s wedding just a few months before meant we already knew many of their family members and guests. It was easier on everyone because they knew how I took photo and video so when they see me work, they sort of know what I am doing. People who have never seen us in action before might not know what we are doing with the camera slider or the steadicam but when they see us work, see some videos, and then we shoot their wedding, they really know what the deal is.

We really feel honored to have been part of this beautiful wedding at The Ranch Golf Club in San Jose and hope you enjoy Jennie and Eric’s wedding day highlights!


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