Karan + Rajan | Bay Area Sikh Highlights Video

Thousands of people watched Karan and Rajan’s Same Day Edit Highlights Reel we posted in April. We showed it at their reception in front of 800 guests and had amazing response from everyone. The portion that we had yet to include was the reception since we were showing it at the reception. Now that their feature film has been completed we have now created their final highlights reel!

Our highlights reels are a recap of the entire wedding day or multiple days in some cases. We included the most important, most touching, and most exciting shots to create a short film that is easy and fun to watch. We used a variety of songs that the bride and groom chose to reflect their personalities and style. I really like the mix of American and Indian music as it really expresses how we like to hold onto our roots but we also live in the US where we hear and grow to love a lot of American music.

Countless hours go into editing these highlights reels because we want them to be perfect. Every shot and every frame needs to mean something and carry the story forward. While we like the long form documentary as it shows the entire ceremony and reception, the reality is that it will be watched not as frequently as a short film such as this. That is why we create packages so our clients can have the best of both worlds when it comes to documenting an event like a “videographer”, but also creating a meaningful film like a “cinematographer”.

We hope you enjoy their highlights and if your internet is slow we recommend hitting “play” then “pause”, wait for it to load, then hit “play” again.

Karan + Rajan | Bay Area Sikh Wedding Highlights Film from Vijay Rakhra on Vimeo.


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