Lisa and James | Highlights Reel, Guglielmo Winery

What an amazing wedding! I loved shooting and editing James and Lisa’s wedding documentary and highlights reel. They were so sweet, fun, and really down to earth people……Did I mention beautiful too!

I really prefer to meet the couple before I shoot their wedding because it’s so important to learn about their tastes, style, and expectations for their wedding day, but in this case, it was a last minute booking, where Lisa found me on Yelp. I did the best I could to quickly learn who the most important people were, how the day was going to play out, and what type of shooting style Lisa and James would be most comfortable with.

After about, oh, 30 hours or so of editing, I created a two hour full length documentary with titles, transitions, and music. Once that is edited, I then go through the entire edited wedding film and pull out the best shots for the highlights reel. That is really fun for me because I get to make the “eye candy” promo for my blog and website…..It also allows the couple to show friends and family a glimpse of their wedding day in just under five minutes.

So without further ado, I present to you, Lisa and Jame’s Wedding at Guglielmo Winery in Morgan Hill, Ca. The highlights version!


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