Priyanka + Tushar | Indian Wedding Highlights Video in Carmel

Hopefully you had a chance to see Priyanka and Tushar’s beautiful wedding photos here! We are back with their cinematic highlights reel that tells the story of their day in just a few short minutes. Sure, you could make a much longer film of these events. One that would easily be over two hours long, however, who has time to watch sometime like that and how many times would you watch it?

As technology progresses and more and more things get packed in our day, it is inevitable that wedding films will become shorter and shorter to co-exist with people’s shorter attention spans. We want to entertain, create emotional impact, and keep the story moving. The last thing we want is people hitting the fast forward button because events that happened in real time appear to even take longer in video!

We now offer highlights reel only packages so you can have an amazing short form film to share with family and friends and then creating a longer format film is optional. So check out this highlights reel and tell us what you think of it in the comments box!

Venues included the Hyatt Carmel Highlands Hotel and Monterey Marriott. Photo and cinema by Wedding Documentary!


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