Monique and Surag’s Wedding Photos/Video Got Published on Two Awesome Blogs!

Really awesome seeing Monique and Surag’s fabulous wedding get published on Maharani Weddings and Indian Wedding Site! These are two really amazing blogs that have a ton of resources for South Asian brides around the world. We are really thankful that so many couples that find us, often hear about us first through these two sites and are very flattered by all the responses we get on our work.

Monique and Surag were really the ones that made it all possible. We are so thrilled to have been able to share the day with such an amazing couple. Their traditional Hindu Wedding was held at one of the prettiest venues in the Pleasanton area, Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery. I get my best photos and videos at Casa Real and am so excited we will be shooting there again in just a month!

We really hope you enjoy checking out the photos and video from Monique and Surag’s wedding. We love shooting traditional South Asian weddings in the Bay Area and can’t wait to see more of our work shared with the larger South Asian community throughout the world!

Here are the links to see Monique and Surag’s photos on Maharani Weddings:

The Reception

The Ceremony

Getting Ready

Here are the photos on Indian Wedding Site:

The Ceremony

The Reception

The Highlights Film

As you can see brides, if you want your wedding published, be sure to hire a team of photographers and videographers that consistently produce quality results so that your special day gets the attention it deserves!


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