Behind the Scenes Video of a Magazine Shoot

I had the pleasure of doing a collaborative shoot for California South Asian Bride Magazine recently and it was a lot of fun! I made this short video for a few reasons. The first reason is because I think “behind the scenes” videos are cool and as a photographer I can learn a lot from watching them. Another reason is because I think it is a glimpse into my world, my work, and my passion for collaborating with other artists for one common goal and that is to create stunning images. The final reason is because I wanted to start practicing using Apple’s new editing software, Final Cut X, which up until recently was missing a lot of features. Since the latest update included the features I would consider mandatory, I felt now was the time before wedding season starts to get my feet wet and start playing around with some of these personal type short videos, before we start editing wedding films with it. So ultimately I used this project as a learning experience so I could add these new tools to our work.

The video was shot in my studio and at Vasona Park in Los Gatos. Most of it was done held with the a 5D Mark II camera, as well as a Canon Powershot camera that I wanted to test out and basically had it mounted on a light stand. The clothing designer, Renuka, held it a few times to get some shots of me in action but otherwise it was all shot and edited by myself.

I won’t post any of the final images here, although you can see some of them in this short clip. However, once the magazine is out in circulation I will be sure to upload the finished spreads for everyone to see.

We have some more awesome fashion, South Asian inspired shoots coming up and I hope to film those as well! If you are interested in learning more about our studio photography in the San Francisco Bay Area, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at info(at)

Photographer: Vijay Rakhra

Hair/Makeup Artist: Kanchan Kapadne

Clothing Designer: Renuka Rajagopal 

Jewelry Designer: Nandini Saraiya

Models: Shruti Rajagopal and Sonia Kakkar


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