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Sarah and Lupe | Wedding at Monterey Plaza Hotel and Spa

What an amazing special event this was last week at the Plaza Hotel & Spa in Monterey California. The bride, Sarah, was once a co worker of mine at Willow Street Pizza and she saw my business take off in about 2005. After I left there she stayed a while but then ended up at Apple where she is responsible for launching all the new retail stores. Pretty sweet gig I would say!

So I was stoked when Sarah called me about a year ago telling me she was engaged to Lupe, a guy I never met, but now realize he is the perfect, most sweetest guy for her! We quickly booked the date, June 26, 2o10 and at that time, Sarah had planned for another friend to be the photographer. A month or so before the wedding that friend got hurt, broke some bones, and unfortunately would not be able to be the photographer. All Sarah had to do was send me an email, ask if we could do photo as well, I said “yes”, and we were all set. This is another great example of why it is best to have the photographers and videographers from one company. They can share responsibilities and help each other with everything! Or if you hire a photographer and they back out, we are always great to have as videographers because we can jump in and do photos as well!

The wedding day was perfect, not too cold and not hot. Not too sunny or too dark and dreary. It was a perfect wedding day, overlooking the Pacific Ocean and feeling the nice breeze and hearing seagulls in the wind. A seal lion even came up to the beach during the reception to take a nap, just about 15 feet below us. It was cute!

The decor, cake, and most importantly, my couple, looked fabulous and this is one Monterey fairytale wedding I will not forget. Here are a few of our favorites from their special day. Enjoy!

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