Aisha and Raheel | Nikah Ceremony at Canyon View Banquet Hall

I can’t get over how beautiful these photos are. Aisha and Raheel’s Nikah ceremony was held at the Canyon View Banquet Hall in San Ramon this summer. Aisha wore the most lovely dress and had her phenomenal makeup was done by Farhana Baig. One of my favorite shots is Aisha’s hand putting on the bangles. Her Mehndi is absoultely perfect thanks to Ravie Kattaura!

Aisha got ready at the San Ramon Marriott, while Raheel started the day at his house before heading to the venue. Traditionally the groom arrives first, followed by the bride. The ceremony is conducted by a Imam who recites versus from the Holy Koran praising Allah and asking for blessings for the couple. After the ceremony there is a dinner followed by the Rukhsati, which is the sending off of the bride to the groom’s home.

The event the day after the Nikah is the Walima and it is coming up tomorrow on the blog. Stay tuned!

Photos below by Jessica and Natalie from Wedding Documentary Photo + Cinema.



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