Joti + Bongo | Sikh and African Fusion Wedding Berkeley

I can’t think of a better combination for a wedding, Indian and African traditions. Since 2000, I have been playing the West African instruments, Djembe and Dundun. I have been to Guinea, West Africa twice to practice traditional West African drumming with various masters and play here in the states a couple times a week. I am also Indian and shoot many Indian weddings and love learning more about my own culture and seeing the close family ties Indians have. So when Joti and Bongo asked me to be their photographer for their wedding! I understand the drumming and dance that Joti and Bongo both share, as well as, the photos that need to be taken during the wedding ceremony that takes place at the Gurdwara (Sikh Temple).

Since we have some of the same friends, many of my buddies were at the wedding and that was great because they actually got to see what I do! And I got to photograph them. Also, some great drum and dance teachers from Africa came to the wedding as well. All the dancing was top notch and I am so glad Joti mixed the Bhangra with the African dance. Joti is an amazing dancer and they now have their own performing troupe that has many upcoming shows.

Joti and Bongo got ready at a lovely hotel in Berkeley, before we headed to the Gurdwara of El Sobrante. Finally, we took a quick drive over to Gaia Arts, where they had a great performance space for the live music. Here are some of my favorite shots. I hope you enjoy!


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