Omar and Mehvish | Wedding/Shaadi Chandni, Fremont

Wow! Once again I am blown away by this couple. They are so gorgeous and really cool! I had a lot of fun getting these images together for this blog post.

This is not an Indian wedding but a Pakistani wedding. Similar although not Hindu, but rather Muslim, and they it’s called Shaadi. The ceremony is comprised of the bride, groom, and their parents. The Priest recites versus from the Holy Koran and both the bride and groom vow to cherish, respect, and love each other always. It is not as long as a Hindu wedding, (thankfully), but is just as beautiful to say the least! These Shaadi photos were taken at Chandni in Fremont.

One important note here. No PhotoShop was used. Yes, I said it! No PhotoShop. In a world where every photographer basically creates their images in PhotoShop, I have decided to not use it here. Why you may ask? Because I want these images and my work to be true to the day, realistic, and show people what Wedding Documentary is capable of without using PhotoShop as a savior. All that we did to these images were minor tweaks in Lightroom which is what we do to every one of our photos before it is given to the client.

We are super busy and getting ready for a destination wedding down in San Diego this weekend but here are some of our favorites. Enjoy!


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