Rasika’s Mehndi Photographs – Monte Sereno, Ca

Gearing up for a really large wedding this weekend with Rasika and Mukul. She is a fantastic dancer and he is probably the nicest guy you have ever met. From the moment I met these two, I knew their wedding weekend was going to be a blast!

So here is the start of an excellent, and memorable weekend. What does the bride do on her Friday night before her Sunday wedding? You guessed it! She has to sit still to get her traditional Mehndi tattoo, for oh, about four hours! But have you seen anything this beautiful? Look how detailed it is. And notice the dancer, Rasika is a South Indian Classical dancer and has been a performer all her life. This mehndi tattoo was specifically designed for her!

See it on the paper, see it on her arms, see my photographs!


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