Sonia and Saj | Ceremony at Walnut Gurudwara

This is the ceremony of Sonia and Saj at the Gurudwara in Walnut, CA. It is a traditional Sikh wedding at the temple, starting with a procession of the groom’s family, meeting of the two families, the ceremony, and the lunch, where at the end, the bride’s family says goodbye to her as she leaves with her husband.  All the moments have significance and the wedding is mostly about the joining of the families, and not just the couple.

Sonia and Saj were really awesome and down to earth cool people. I can chat with Sonia on the phone forever and not get bored. There is always lots to talk about and photographing them was a piece of cake!

Lighting was perfect for the ceremony, amazing colors, and people. Best of all, I was in a totally different city and got to experience something outside my norm!


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