Sumona and Sammit | Bengali Hindu Wedding Photos at San Jose Garden Hotel

We were highly anticipating Sumona and Sammit’s wedding over the Labor Day weekend because it was our first Bengali couple! The main Hindu ceremony rituals have remained the same for thousands of years, however, each region of India has their own traditions as well. During the Bengali wedding ceremony for example, the bride is carried in by her brothers/cousins and she holds leaves in front of her eyes. Once she has entered the Mandap area, the relatives carrying her and circle the groom seven times. The groom also wears an intricate cone shaped hat that is unique to the Bengali culture.

The best part about being a photographer that specializes in Indian weddings throughout the Bay Area is I get to witness the different cultures within the Indian Diaspora here in the states. There is so much variety from region to region, village to village, and family to family. The passing of these cultures through the generations is so important especially for those Indian/Americans that have been born here and will raise their own children outside of India. Having a traditional wedding ceremony is definitely a show of respect to one’s cultural background and will hopefully ensure that the traditions continue to be passed on through the generations.

Our bride Sumona got ready for her big day at the DoubleTree Hotel and saw Sammit for the first time that day once we were about to head out to downtown for our bridal party photoshoot. After the photoshoot we proceeded to the San Jose Garden Inn Hotel where the ceremony and reception took place. I had no idea Bengali’s were also known for their dancing abilities, but apparently they are because these guys did not stop dancing! They went well after 1am I believe and I am so excited for them and to be a part of their special day.

Fabulous wedding day coordination was done by Jeena Rai from Our Vaada!

Thanks and enjoy!


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