Are you a “videographer” or a cinematographer”? What is the difference?

We are cinematographers and also consider ourselves “wedding filmmakers”. There are lots of terms used for people who shoot weddings. Videographer, cinematographer, wedding filmmaker, etc. The main difference is a videographer mainly captures the day as it happened and then delivers a product that is just that. A wedding cinematographer or filmmaker will be looking for certain types of shots and angles that have a┬ámore cinematic look. For example, instead of shooting the groom put on his coat, we may show him picking it up, then putting it on, and then close up shots of his hands as he buttons it. For each shot, we are choosing different angles and lens focal lengths to make it more cinematic and what you would usually see in films, not in simple wedding videos. That means more detail, care, and planning are put into the composition, editing, and scenes to create a mood and look and it is not simply shooting what is there.