Ankit + Akansha | Engagement Session at Baker Beach San Francisco

Akansha and Ankit are a sweet couple originally from Delhi, India. We are excited to shoot their wedding later this year.

It was windy and cold in San Francisco the day of their engagement shoot. Akansha was hesitant to shoot at the beach since it was so cold. But we saw something that was different this time around at the Baker Beach, not to mention gorgeous golden light.

Coming back to what did we see at Baker Beach that was different? It was sea foam! ¬†Although¬†we shoot at the Baker Beach quite a bit, we had never come across this nature’s phenomenon that happens every now and then at the beach. Sea Foam forms when dissolved organic matter in the ocean is churned up.

This was a perfect setting to capture some beautiful moments and great photos with an unusual backdrop. We managed to persuade her to get down to the beach and we are so glad we did. We love how these turned out. Scroll down for some “fun and romance in the sea foam” shots!

Hair and Makeup by TM’s Makeup Artistry.


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