Dhruv’s Surprise Proposal to Priya | San Francisco

One of the most exciting things to shoot are surprise proposals! There is a lot of excitement and anticipation leading up to the moment where you surprise her and ask her for your hand in marriage.

Dhruv planned to ask Priya to marry him on top of the building where she lives in San Francisco. Along with the help of friends and family, he set up a spot on the roof where they attached balloons and set up a table with photos of them throughout the years. He also had champagne on hand, as well as, a guitar that he used to serenade her before he asked the question.

To be discreet and not give his plan away, I hid behind a bush where Priya could not clearly see me as she walked out to see Dhruv waiting for her by the table. I am pretty sure she knew something was up when she went out there and saw the set up but I am pretty sure she was surprised of what was about to happen at that very moment.

I captured all the images discreetly until he got down on one knee and she said yes and they embraced. At that point, I no longer needed to hide and friends and family started to join I could start photographing them openly.

For a few minutes I captured shots of them alone and then departed as they continued their afternoon celebrations overlooking the city. We are super excited that after the proposal, they chose us to capture their upcoming wedding this summer to be held in Napa! We are really looking forward to it!


Wedding Documentary