Farzana + Dwayne | Holi Beach Celebration

They day after Farzana’s wonderful Mehndi night, Natalie and I headed over down the coast to Marina, a city right outside Monterey for their three day Muslim wedding events! It was refreshing to beat the heat and experience a new venue and what would be, a lot of firsts for us in wedding photography! The plan started with a Holi type celebration which is a tradition that originated in Gujarat, India. Friends and family threw brightly colored power at one another, shot each other with water guns, silly string, and lots of bottles of whipped cream! The bride and groom wore white and quickly became adorned with a variety of colors which was an amazing photo opportunity.

We have always seen photos like these but I was always too afraid to bring my camera in the midst of a bunch of people who probably would not care about me and throw powder into my expensive tool. In this case, everyone knew not to break the camera so I could get close without worry and know that I would be spared. Of course with the wind and speed that everything happened, it was just a matter of minutes before the powder had ran out and everyone was covered so we worked as fast as we could to shoot before it was over.

After a few group shots I asked the bride and groom to take a dip in the ocean and those became my favorites because it’s such a beautiful moment in time. Stay tuned for more of this gorgeous Fusion Indian Muslim/African American wedding!


Wedding Documentary