Daman + Mantinder | Engagement San Francisco City Hall & Baker Beach

What was cool about this engagement shoot is that we did it the day before their wedding events started! While couples usually do this shoot months or at least weeks before the wedding, the day before was a first for us but it made sense!

This couple are both busy doctors and it just made the most sense to do the shoot the week of the wedding where they were both in town and available. City Hall in San Francisco was one of their must-have locations so we started there in the afternoon which is the best time. As it gets to almost closing time, the place really empties out and is the best time to get photos in all the popular spots.

After City Hall we headed to Baker Beach where we could capture the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in the background while still being able to do a beach shoot! We chose a cinematic/filmic color grade for the images but also did various edits on the photos to make them feel a little different from one another yet, cohesive.

The shoot includes a mix of natural light and off camera flash and some shots are posed but others are totally candid! Running shots are my favorite for those candid moments!

If you would like an engagement shoot at SF City Hall or Baker Beach or anywhere in the Bay Area, give Wedding Documentary a call! Our rates are awesome and this is just an example of some of what we can do!

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