Laura + Zach | Engagement Photos, Red Rock Canyons, Las Vegas

Laura and Zach are a lovely couple living in Las Vegas. Laura’s family is from the bay area and they are getting married at the beautiful Kohl Mansion this September. We had an opportunity to travel to Las Vegas for WPPI(Wedding and Portrait photography conference) this year and decided it was the perfect time to shoot their engagement pictures.

The couple picked the Red Rock Canyons for their shoot and what an amazing picturesque place it turned out to be! Zach has lived in Las Vegas all his life and he knows all about these canyons and has been hiking in the canyons for several years. Laura joked that he calls it hiking but as she found out on several of their dates, it is more canyoneering than hiking. We could see how much they loved these canyons and we got some great romantic as well as playful shots of them at the canyons that they frequent and love so much!

Laura is a sweetheart and the first thing we noticed about her is her beautiful smile and her gorgeous hair! She broke out into giggles and laughs often and we absolutely loved this about her and as you will see in all the shots captured, she looks absolutely adorable!

The canyons look amazing shot with wide-angle lenses, which we did throughout the shoot and we got the closeup shots with our favorite 70-200 zoom lens. We have collaged our favorites shots to show you a wide shot, medium shot, and a close-up shot and we absolutely love the way these turned out!

They did casual, semi-casual and formal outfits at their shoot. Zach looked dapper in his suit and did a great job during the shoot! effortlessly posing and showing true romance and love for his beautiful bride to be so we could easily get the shots and the expression that we love and strive for in our photography!  We used a lot of Magmod flash photography for their formal outfit pictures!

We had a great time at their shoot and got some amazing shot we are very proud of!  scroll down to see some of our favorites from this shoot!

Engagement_Photos_Red_Rock_Las_Vegas, Nevada_0001.jpg
Engagement_Photos_Red_Rock_Las_Vegas, Nevada_0004.jpg
Engagement_Photos_Red_Rock_Las_Vegas, Nevada_0003.jpg
Engagement_Photos_Red_Rock_Las_Vegas, Nevada_0002.jpg
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Engagement_Photos_Red_Rock_Las_Vegas, Nevada_0024.jpg
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Engagement_Photos_Red_Rock_Las_Vegas, Nevada_0031.jpg
Engagement_Photos_Red_Rock_Las_Vegas, Nevada_0032.jpg
Engagement_Photos_Red_Rock_Las_Vegas, Nevada_0033.jpg
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Engagement_Photos_Red_Rock_Las_Vegas, Nevada_0040.jpg
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