Samreet + Bobby | Natural Bridges Engagement

Samreet and Bobby planned a multi-day Sikh wedding in Fremont this summer and so we met up with them for their engagement shoot in Spring! It was so dreamy and amazing!

We wanted the beach look but didn’t want to do typical San Francisco beaches so we headed to the most diverse spot for engagement photos in Santa Cruz, which is Natural Bridges State Beach.

Samreet wore a neutral color flowy dress and Bobby wore a nice black suit. I really liked how clean and neutral the colors were and how nothing clashed. I definitely enjoy this look and thought it was an excellent choice.

For some variety in our images, we started our shoot among the beautiful eucalyptus trees that line the coast at Natural Bridges. The sun peaks through the foliage creating shapes to the light and these pockets of light are quite fascinating to place the subjects in for some unique images. You can then move two feet for a perfectly beautiful soft light for a different look.
Once we got a good number of shots with both photo and cinema, we headed down to the beach for sunset!

When couples book Wedding Documentary for both photo and cinema and book an engagement session, we do both photo and cinema at the engagement session. We do this to get some great video clips of the couple that we may then use in their final films. It is a great way to get shots outside of the wedding events incorporated into your film. It also makes the shoot feel less posed because for video, we capture a lot of movement, so the couple is always moving or doing something during the shoot instead of holding still.

We had amazing weather and soft light as we got our final shots at the beach as the sun went down. It was an unforgettable shoot and we look forward to sharing their wedding events here on the blog soon!

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