Anisha + Varoon | Engagement Shoot North Beach San Francisco

Anisha and Varoon’s shoot in San Francisco was so much fun! We decided on a sunset shoot that went into the early evening and the main spot was North Beach, the city’s Little Italy if you will.

What we love about this type of shoot is just walking around and exploring. When you shoot at other locations in the city you sort of “what you are going to shoot”. With this style of shooting, it really is about exploring and “finding interesting compositions, making unique shots with off camera flash and using the contrast of the scenery to help tell the story.

I can guarantee that no other shoot likes like this, and if I went there again, what I create would also not be the same, so this shoot is totally unique!

What we also loved is that the couple wore the right attire! Varoon’s leather jacket was perfect in this setting and Anisha’s red dress popped off the background and the fit was amazing!

The sky color once the sun goes down is really special because using flash I am able to pull more of that blue color out and the complimentary color to blue is red, which is the color of the dress she is wearing, so it’s all science baby! That’s why this shoot rocks!

If you are down for something different, something unique, something just awesome, give Wedding Documentary a call. We guarantee that we will have a great time and get great images!

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