Parul + Sameer | Engagement Shoot at Ghirardelli Square

As we get closer and closer to the end of the year we are looking forward to our Fall weddings! We know that we are going to have a blast working with Parul and Sameer for their events over Thanksgiving!

We met up with Parul and Sameer for their engagement shoot at Ghirardelli Square which is a wonderful spot because there is lots of brick work, nice benches, and did I mention chocolate???

Parul had a ton of ideas and brought props including this cute P.S. I love you pin that we had on top of the sundae. We also used Scrabble blocks to write out the word “FOREVER” using her engagement ring as the “O”. Finally, during the beach portion of our shoot at Baker Beach we had the “LOVE” pillows which made for a really cool overhead shot that I think is quite unique.

A big thanks to the Cable Car driver that let us get a ton of great shots while he was parked. That was the highlight of the shoot for us!

We cannot wait to share in their special day soon! Scroll down and check out some of our favorites and please leave us a comment if you love the pics!

San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0017.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0018.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0019.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0020.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0021.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0022.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0023.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0024.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0025.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0026.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0027.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0028.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0029.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0030.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0031.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0032.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0033.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0034.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0035.jpg San_Francisco_Indian_Engagement_Photos_0036.jpg

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