Jasmeen + Gagandeep | Filoli Gardens Engagement

Filoli Gardens is one of our favorite places for engagement shoots and we pretty much were the first ones to find this place a few years back when it was a hidden gem and had a special permit fee to shoot there. Now there is no fee and you just have to pay the entrance fees.

What I love about this place is all the beautiful gardens, buildings, and different looks throughout the place. There are gardens dedicated to certain types of plants and they are always changing the flowers based on season/holidays, etc.

Jasmeen and Gagan were the perfect couples for this shoot! I had been hoping to have one of those couples that just looks so awesome without smiling. It is very hard to find actually. Most people look best smiling but these two could do it all!

As is all the rage in 2022, the trend was definitely more stylized edits, less smiling, more modelesque type poses, and borderline “pissed off looking expressions”. I get it. It’s different. It makes people look unique and not traditional. Not sure if the trend will be “timeless per se”, but we do see a resurgence of this as even our parents or grandparents from India may have very stoic expressions in wedding photos and that whole vibe has made a comeback.

At any rate, we like to explore different styles and do different things and each couple’s look and personality, ‘sort of speaks to me” and we sort of base the shoot around that.

We had the couple choose two outfits for a nice variety and we hit all the awesome spots at Filoli in about two hours. It was a super fun shoot and cannot wait to share their wedding events here on the blog soon!

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