Siman + Harvey | San Francisco Legion of Honor and Baker Beach Engagement

As I am typing this blog post it is the last week of 2020. When we think back and reflect on this year we have so mixed emotions. Those conflicted emotions can sometimes feel happy, sad, hopeful, and hopeless!

The year started off like many other years in the past. Jan, Feb, and March can be a little slow but come April, every single weekend is packed full of events. We were just about to start a busy 2020 season when on March 14th, the Governor ordered the mandatory stay at home order. Calls and emails came in with couples postponing and some even canceling their events. With no certainty, it was a scary time. For all of the rest of March, April, and May there were no events whatsoever. We stayed at home, watched, and waited as the world tried to deal with the Corona Virus.

Fortunately, and this is where the hopeful feelings come in, around July we started shooting smaller intimate weddings. People began to either get used to this “new normal” and some realized that this virus was not going to go away anytime soon, so if they wanted to get married it would have to happen during this period. This did wonders for our mental state as we could get outside and do what we love to do. It also made for some memorable events since there were fewer people, less chaos, it was more peaceful, may I say, more real!

I don’t want to rant too much but since it is the end of the year we are reflecting and now that we know of the vaccine, those feelings of hope are ever more present in us. We are also very thankful for the couples that got married, had a family session with us, or got their engagement shoot!

Siman lives in Canada and Harvey lives in the Bay Area. They were scheduled to get married this year but Covid came and they had to push their event out. Originally, they planned it for the end of 2020, however, as things continued to stay shut down, the likelihood of them holding their event with the guests they wanted present because increasing slim, so the event was pushed to the Spring of 2021.

Fortunately, in September Siman was able to visit California so we could do our engagement session. It was a beautiful, yet windy (surprise, surprise) windy day in San Francisco. We met at Legion of Honor which is a great place to shoot, even when it is closed like it was on this day (thanks shut down), but we got some great shots, especially using the bright sun to our advantage instead of a disadvantage.

After Legion of Honor, we headed to Baker Beach. An iconic beach with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background and one of the top places for engagement shoots in the San Francisco Bay Area. We got some more shots with Siman’s flowy dress before they both changed into soccer jerseys of their favorite soccer team. We l0ve it when couples include some personal touches into their engagement sessions!

If all goes well, we hope that things are opened up by March in the Bay Area so they can have some events with dancing like the Jaago and their reception. We hope that also the Gurdwaras in the Bay Area will also be able to hold ceremonies for all the eager couples looking to tie the knot in 2021.

Scroll through just a few of our favorites and we look forward to working with Siman and Harvey at all their events!


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