Family Shoot at Baker Beach San Francisco

We met up this adorable family for their holiday photo session at Baker Beach in San Francisco. It was really cold but we made the best of it and got some great shots! When it is cold and windy you really have to make the best of it. We stay positive and focus on getting great natural shots instead of posed ones because it is hard to smile and be happy standing still and freezing in the cold.

Here are our top five tips for family photo shoots when it’s cold outside:

  1. Keep moving. We start with walking shots, get the kids to play and move around so they are not shivering, crying, or both!
  2. Play games. It is a lot easier to work with families and children if they are doing something and not focusing on the cold.
  3. Give rewards. When children don’t want to smile for those few shots that mom and dad want, it is best to reward them with something they do want (ie: playing games, an edible treat, or a toy).
  4. Wear layers. It is best to start with a warm but thin lightweight base layer. This retains heat and keeps you warm without looking too bulky. Then you can add layers on top and finally a jacket. You wear the jacket to the shoot location and in-between photo spots, but take it off for the photos.
  5. Enjoy the moment! Even though it can be cold, windy, or even a little wet, at the end of the day you are making beautiful memories with your family and will look back at the images and love them regardless!


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