Amita + Simran | Cinematic Sikh Wedding Highlights San Jose Gurdwara

Amita and Simran are one of the perfect couples to make a film with because Amita, the bride knows exactly what she wants and she wants an epic film, so she will do whatever it takes, and Simran is super chill so will also do whatever it takes because he wants his lovely bride to be happy!

The couple tied the knot at the San Jose Gurdwara, which is by the most beautiful Sikh Temple in the USA and is one of the most popular venues for Sikh weddings in the Bay Area. We love shooting there so much because it offers so much beauty and is really fun to get couple portraits there after the ceremony.

As you probably know, Sikh weddings take place over several days and we are with our couples every step of the way. What makes us different is that we have been doing combined photo and cinema packages for over 10 years in the Bay Area for Sikh weddings and we have some amazing signature shots and storytelling techniques that gives our clients a cinematic experience and not just a wedding video.

If you are interested in the best San Francisco Indian wedding photographers and videographers, give us a call at 408-656-1014 to learn more about our packages and special pricing! Mention that you watched this film and we will give you a special gift!


Amita + Simran | Cinematic Sikh Wedding Highlights from Wedding Documentary on Vimeo.

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