Arthi + Rishi | Cinematic Hindu Wedding Highlights Dublin Ranch Golf Course

Many people may not know that we are extremely passionate about the environment and preserving our earth for future generations. We feel it is important to be a company that promotes good and is thinking of sustainable ways to operate.

Since the beginning of our company, we have strived to be as “green” as possible. For starters, we always shot digital for weddings and not film, so we did not have to use any harmful chemicals. We always used recycled packing for shipping and tried to reduce excess packaging wherever we could. In 2010 we got a hybrid SUV and would carpool with our team members to reduce carbon emissions. In 2014 we got a fully electric vehicle, and in 2015 solar panels on our home studio roof so we would be powered on the sun.

What is cool about Arthi and Rishi is that they are also super conscious about the environment and the planet. Rishi is actually an organic farmer and studies food and gardening methods for sustainable living.

It was such a blast to work with a couple who has anĀ ecological way of thinking and we are super happy with how their film turned out!

Sit back and see this gorgeous Indian wedding that took place atĀ Dublin Ranch Golf Course and Castlewood Country Club.

Arthi + Rishi | Hindu Wedding Highlights at Dublin Ranch Golf Course from Wedding Documentary on Vimeo.

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