Daljit + Charan | San Jose Cinematic Sikh Wedding Highlights

We have definitely had a wonderful year with more weddings at the San Jose Gurdwara than any other year past! This one was particularly cool because Daljit is a Bay Area local while Charan is from the U.K. Interestingly enough, they both love muscle cars and are some of the most cool people to hang out with! Their events took place over multiple days and we had the pleasure of doing both their photo and cinema. One of the things they were most excited about was the cars, and having them parade in for the groom’s Baraat. After the ceremony there was an amazing martial arts performance like nothing we have ever witnessed before.

Their reception was the following day at Palmdale Estates in Fremont and included a magic show, more martial arts, a gorgeous cake cutting, and all around good time! We hope you sit back and enjoy their cinematic highlights reel!


Daljit + Charan | Cinematic Sikh Wedding Highlights from Vijay Rakhra on Vimeo.

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