Dipika + Sankalp | Cinematic Hindu Wedding Highlights Nestldown

Dipika and Sankalp got married on a beautiful May day and all of a sudden it started raining out of nowhere. We all had no idea there would be any chance of rain and we were pretty unprepared since none of us (or the guests), had rain jackets or umbrellas. We found whatever we could to cover our cameras while we shot their one-hour long Hindu ceremony at the beautiful venue in Los Gatos, Nestldown.

Fortunately, earlier in the day we got lots of great shots of the couple at this gorgeous venue so there was not that big of a deal. I will never forget the moment I went to Dipika’s dad right when the rain started and thinking he would be disappointed. He didn’t seem bothered at all and said, “the rain was blessings from God”. What a positive outlook! At that moment, I really learned how important it is to stay positive on a wedding day. No matter what happens, nothing is worth getting upset for.

The wedding ceremony, although wet, was very beautiful and we are super excited to share this film! Nestldown will always be one of our favorite venues. We look forward to capturing many more Indian weddings there in the future!

Dipika + Sankalp | Hindu Wedding Highlights at Nestldown from Wedding Documentary on Vimeo.

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