Krishna + Sanup | Indian Wedding Highlights at Nella Terra

Nella Terra Cellars is one of our favorite new outdoor venues in the Bay Area. Our good friend Veena runs the place and she is definitely the coolest and most fun to work with people we know. We shot the very first wedding at Nella Terra in May 2014 when they opened and their first wedding ever just happened to be an Indian one. Since then we have been back multiple times and this was one of our favorites from this great outdoor Bay Area wedding venue.

In the planning phases, we worked directly with the bride’s brother, Nirav. He planned all the logistics of his sister’s wedding and really is such a great guy! We rarely see a sibling put that amount of effort into making sure their brother or sister’s wedding is just perfect. Turns out, Nirav had just become engaged and after completing these films for his sister, he hired us for his wedding down in Southern California. His wedding was just a couple weeks ago and we had a blast working with their family again!

Krishna and Sanup are really cool and down to earth people. They were super chill throughout all their events and they simply enjoyed their wedding. Friends and family came from far and wide to celebrate with the couple and put on performances for the reception, which made their evening festivities a ton of fun!

When we make a wedding film we want to capture it the most truthful way possible. We want the viewer to feel like they were there and we want to show the little things that the couple may have missed during their events. We want to highlight the beauty of the event, the culture, and the families so that the couple has an heirloom to hang onto forever.

We hope you enjoy Krishna + Sanup’s wedding highlights!

Krishna + Sanup | Cinematic Wedding Highlights at Nella Terra from Wedding Documentary on Vimeo.

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