Sikh Punjabi & Mexican Fusion Wedding Highlights

This film is totally awesome! When it comes to fusion weddings, it doesn’t get better than the combo of Punjabi and Mexican! When I met Jazmine it was almost hard to believe she was a Latina and not a Punjabi! She loves Indian culture and her Indian man.

Their wedding took place in Ceres and Modesto and their reception was at White Lotus Banquet Hall in Citrus Heights! The reception was the best part because of all the killer shots we got of the traditional Mexican folk dancers.

You will see by watching our films we are always looking for the interesting and unusual shots. We like to show things you normally don’t see. We like to be different and unique with our shot selection and the way we tell a story. We grew up in the MTV generation so we like quick cuts and fast action too.

If you like watching Punjabi Sikh wedding films, you are going to love this one! Sit back and enjoy!


Jazmine + Yatin | SIkh Wedding Highlights from Wedding Documentary on Vimeo.

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