Kiran + Avinash | Cinematic Lake Tahoe Wedding Highlight

Who would have thought we would get snow in May! Kiran and Avinash’s wedding was a ton of fun, and we had some interesting weather which, actually made the whole film that much better!

They held their three-day event at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe. A perfect backdrop for a colorful Spring Indian wedding.

The first night they had a Sangeet with tons of performances by family and friends. We got lots of epic shots of them on the pier that proved to be some of our favorite shots in this final film. The clouds were utterly amazing and since the dynamic range of our cameras is so good, it retained all the detail in the highlights and the shadows. Thanks, Sony!

The following day the bride and groom had Poojas in the morning, including a South Indian pooja for Avinash and a North Indian Pooja and Choora ceremony for Kiran. It was a nice relaxing and casual day for guests and we were able to do some editing for our “Same Day Edit” that we showed the next night at the reception.

The wedding day started super early as we needed our storytelling shots of the bride and groom preparing for the big day. We also were totally surprised when it started snowing before the ceremony during the groom’s Baraat procession!

Since it was too cold and wet to hold the ceremony outside, everything was moved inside but fortunately, later on, the sun came out and we got some more shots of the couple on the pier, along with some drone shots of them on the pier, which really made this film awesome!

I want to give a shout out to our amazing team that pulled this off. It was a lot of work in three days, with a really amazing same day edit. Kiran, the bride told us, that some of her guests remarked to her that it was “the best same day edit” they had ever seen! We are really happy to hear that and we hope you enjoy their full highlights below, which allows includes their reception!

Kiran + Avinash | Lake Tahoe Cinematic Indian Wedding Highlights from Wedding Documentary on Vimeo.

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