Navneet + Mandeep | Sikh Wedding Highlights at San Jose Gurdwara

What an amazing wedding weekend this was! We have never had so much fun over a Labor Day Weekend! Navneet and Mandeep planned multiple days of events and we had such a great time documenting each one of them! Their pre wedding events took place at their homes in San Jose and Fremont. The wedding was at the San Jose Gurdwara and the reception was at the Metreon City View in San Francisco.

At the reception we played our same day edit, which was similar to this except for the fact that it did not include reception speeches or dancing. After the wedding was over we were able to go back to the edit to include these additional moments and to make a more comprehensive edit.

We love photographing and filming weddings at the San Jose Gurdwara as it is one of the best Sikh temples to get married at in all of California! We were probably there 10 times this year and it was fabulous every time! The Metreon is now one of our favorite spots as well! Just when we thought we had shot everywhere the venue was perfect for this wedding reception! And with seven screens, guests had no problem viewing the same day edit.

I say I like all of our couples and that is true but Navneet and Mandeep were some of the coolest people ever!  Ever since the engagement session we knew these guys were going to be life long friends. They are chill and very real! It was amazingly easy to photograph them and capture their true essence which is so important to us. We cannot wait to work with again on future endeavors and now sit back and enjoy their stunning wedding highlights!

Navneet + Mandeep | Sikh Wedding Highlights Bay Area from Vijay Rakhra on Vimeo.

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