Navneet + Mandeep | Sikh Wedding Same Day Edit

Labor Day weekend is always the busiest weekend of the year for us! Our bride Navneet booked about a year in advance for her big day, which was actually four day’s worth of festivities! Every day and every event just got more and more fun! Our favorite moment was sharing this “same day edit” with their reception guests on Sunday night at one of the coolest venues I have ever shot at, the City View ballroom at the Metreon City Center in San Francisco. Never before had we shot at such a great venue with natural light and a beautiful backdrop of buildings and sunset. The weather was perfect and will go down in history as one of our all time favorites! Their pre events took place at Navneet’s home in Newark and Mandeep’s house in San Jose. Their wedding took place at the best Gurudwara, the San Jose Sikh temple. We love photographing and filming there. It’s such an awesome place!

A same day edit for an Indian wedding is very hard! You have multiple days of events. After each event you are tired and you have to offload all your memory cards, back them up, and charge your batteries….and did I mention edit! Yes every day we edited a little bit and had the songs in place so we could quickly insert the next day’s events and have a head start so that when we shot the ceremony the pre-events were all in place. The wedding was obviously the most challenging because we tend to shoot ceremonies with 4-5 cameras so that meant a lot of memory cards to keep track of. Fortunately we have some great editors who are excellent at organization and time management. We would not be able to accomplish such a feat without them!

What made this same day edit special was that we included the bride and groom getting ready and even walking to the venue just a short amount of time before the video played on 7 screens in front of 600 guests. We were able to even shoot timelapses that day and process them into movie files and include them in the piece. Again kuddos goes to the Wedding Documentary team for making it all happen seamlessly and stress free for the couple!

As the same day edit ended the bride and groom entered the hall and the real party began! We are so happy we had the perfect clients for our Labor Day Weekend 2013 and we cannot wait to share all of their events here on the blog! Sit back and enjoy!

Navneet + Mandeep | Bay Area Sikh Same Day Edit from Vijay Rakhra on Vimeo.

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