Neelima + Brian | Fusion Wedding Highlights at Bently Reserve

Our 2013 wedding season is officially underway! We are so excited for this upcoming year! We have so many cool new things happening! Those who follow our blog are going to be in for a treat! We are planning a ton of great posts including photos, films, wedding tips, and much much more!

Neelima and Brian are an awesome couple! We were so excited to photograph and film their wedding at the Bently Reserve in San Francisco. They had a fusion wedding with a legal ceremony performed by a judge and then a Hindu ceremony. The Hindu ceremony was done in record time, just around 15 minutes and this was achieved by not having a formal Priest. This way they could perform all the rituals without having a lot of talking, which tends to take most of the time during a Hindu ceremony.

After the ceremony they headed back to the hotel to change while we shot cocktail hour and did some awesome time lapses that I think add a lot to the production value of the piece. It was a little sketchy leaving a $5,000 camera out on the street in SF in the rain but it was worth it to get the shot!

I could not believe how Neelima and Brian managed to talk with each one of their guests at their wedding. That is very rare to see and it really shows how important their friends and family are. The night ended with amazing food, speeches, dancing, and more dancing! Pump up your speakers, sit back, and enjoy this gorgeous Indian wedding Highlights Video at the Bently Reserve in San Francisco!


Wedding Documentary