Raman + Raveen | Cinematic Wedding Highlights Video at Fremont Gurdwara and Chandni Restaurant

We had one of the best summers ever! We had a wedding nearly every weekend and more Sikh weddings than any of our previous years! We like to think we became experts at photographing and filming Sikh Weddings here in the Bay Area!

Raman and Raveen are an awesome couple! We had two engagement sessions with them and got to spend many hours with them and their families during their wedding events that took place in July. We captured all their events in great detail to put together a cinematic film that will stand the test of time and be a keepsake for their family forever.

As you can see this cinematic film uses “time shifting” to make the story more interesting. We bounce back and forth between different scenes so the film is not predictable or boring. Our style is to do fast cutting because we know people have short attention spans and holding on a shot too long will definitely “lose your audience”. What makes having a highlight film special is that you can see so much so quickly and share it with friends who are thousands of miles away online quickly and easily.

Every day we are so thankful we get to make films for our couples. We know that after years have passed, and we no longer look the same and when our memories begin to fade, having these precious moments documented in an artistic and cinematic way, will be the most cherished keepsake for future generations to see their past and better understand their history.

Now sit back and relax and watch Raman and Raveen’s cinematic wedding film that was shot at the bride’s home, groom’s home, the Fremont Gurdwara, and Chandni Restaurant in Fremont. California.

Raman + Raveen | Sikh Wedding Fremont Gurdwara from Vijay Rakhra on Vimeo.

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