Rupa + Sirish | Cabo San Lucas Same Day Edit

For the past year we have been anticipating Rupa and Sirish’s destination wedding in Los Cabos Mexico over Labor Day weekend! We knew they had an all star vendor lineup and had planned everything to be spectacular but we had no idea how much fun we were going to have working with them!

All the wedding events took place at the fabulous Fiesta Americana Grand in Los Cabos Mexico. A beautiful property just minutes away from downtown but secluded enough that you feel you are not in a touristy area. The staff was excellent and all the coordinating was done by the amazing Drish Coutoure Events out of Chicago.

To say these two are “sweet” is a total understatement. Rupa and Sirish have to be some of the nicest people we have ever met and it was so easy to shoot all the beautiful shots you are about to see in the same day edit below.

There were four days worth of events and with just a team of three we did photo, cinema, and a same day edit! After each day of shooting was complete I hit the editing and compiled the best shots from that day. By the time the wedding day came upon us, I had all my favorite pre event shots placed in the timeline and I used the b-roll shots from the photo shoot as “bridge shots” between the various scenes.

I took into account the couple’s taste when it came to music. They like the Piano Guys, so I used that, along with some upbeat instrumental music that I think would fit nicely with the overall vibe of the wedding.

I wanted to incorporate some natural sound, but I knew I would not yet have any speeches and there would be no vows during the ceremony so I met with the bride and groom to record their voiceovers that I could include to make a more powerful story. That included snippets of how he proposed and why they chose Mexico etc for their destination wedding.

Each morning we woke up bright and early to get shots of the sunrise over the ocean and venue shots before guests were out and about and before it became too hot and the lighting was still good.

Same day edits are a lot of fun but also quite a challenge! There is so much footage to look through that several hours would have passed and I still would not have anything actually edited, just selected. Then with only a few hours to spare you quickly have to compile the story and time everything to the music and pay attention to pacing because you want the audience to be highly engaged.

Overall, the same day edit we did at Fiesta Americana Resort in Cabo San Lucas Mexico was an absolute hit and we are excited to share it with you here! Enjoy!

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