Sandeep + Maninder | Cinematic Wedding Highlights San Jose Gurdwara

Sandeep and Maninder are one of a kind. These two know how to live life to the fullest.

We met them way before the wedding when we were hired by them to shoot their Engagement Ceremony. Sandeep, who also goes by Sandy, is a one of a kind girl! She has a lively personality and she can talk about anything with anyone! She is not afraid to make her thoughts known and she is awesome because she tells it like it is! She doesn’t hold back.

Meanwhile Maninder is super cool and chill. He compliments her perfectly because she says it all so he doesn’t have to. They both are very sweet and they both really like photography and filmmaking so they were perfect for us too!

After their Engagement Ceremony, they booked us for their wedding events which, took place at the San Jose Gurdwara and Club Auto Sport in San Jose. Both venues were awesome as usual and we also shot some of their pre events at their homes and at a Banquet Hall in Santa Clara.

In addition to this short film, our couple received full length films of all their events so they could relive every moment.

We love Sandy and Maninder and cannot wait to see them again for their future shoots! We already agreed we want to meet up annually to do shoots!

Sit back and enjoy this amazing wedding film!


Wedding Documentary