Sangeeta + Harpreet | Sikh Wedding at Peacock Gap in San Rafael

Sangeeta and Harpreet are some of the most nice, caring, and genuine people we have ever met! They are the kind of people you want to do your best for because you know they will truly appreciate your efforts and actually pay attention to the details that we work so hard on.

Over the course of a weekend they had several events in multiple locations. We captured their events with thorough detail, not missing a person, beat, or moment! Amrit from Anais Events made sure everything was stunning, from top to bottom!

What makes this film special is that it exudes their love for one another and really reflects them as a couple. Every wedding film we make needs to establish a story, display the couple’s journey, and be entertaining. I think this film hits all these marks extremely well!

Peacock Gap is a brand new wedding venue in San Rafael. It is a gorgeous space and I am sure they will have many more Indian wedding there in the future. We loved making this film and wish Sangeeta and Harpreet a long life filled with happiness, joy, and success!

Sangeeta + Harpreet | Cinematic Sikh Wedding Film from Wedding Documentary on Vimeo.

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