Simi + Aneil | Hindu Wedding Highlights

To say this wedding was amazing is a total understatement! The entire event was four days long and we provided over 30 hours of coverage over those days. From the beautiful Mehndi at her home, to the Sangeet in Sunol, to the wedding ceremony at the bride’s home in Fremont, then finally to San Francisco Fairmont for the reception, we covered every detail of her gorgeous traditional Hindu wedding.

Simi hired Wedding Documentary Photo + Cinema for her Indian wedding well over a year in advance because she really values photography and cinematography. She knew that after this weekend was over, all she would have to remember these special moments was going to be through photographs and her wedding films. It was utmost importance for her to hire photographers like us who are more than just vendors, but become part of the family and can blend in and capture these special moments in a thorough and unobtrusive way. Amrit from Anais events did an¬†impeccable¬†job at coordinating, designing, and bringing Simi’s vision to life. It’s coordinators like these who make our job easier so we can focus on the creative aspects and produce better photos and films.

We wanted to include all the events in this wedding highlights reel so viewers could get a glimpse of the entire week and not just the wedding day. We made an engagement video that was a surprise presentation before the bride and groom’s entrance, as well as, provided a live feed so everyone in the large ballroom could see the screens rather than strain to see what was happening during speeches and dances.

We think this is one of our best Indian wedding films that we have filmed in the San Francisco Bay Area and we hope you enjoy and congrats to the lucky couple!


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