Simi + Aneil | Hindu Wedding in Fremont, CA

Simi and Aneil’s wedding has to be one of the most awesome weddings we have ever photographed! Their events took place over Labor Day Weekend in 2012 with multiple events taking place in Fremont at the bride’s home and at the San Francisco Fairmont Luxury Hotel. Amrit from Anais Events did an amazing job with the decor and design, as well as, the coordination. Myrium did a beautiful job on Simi’s makeup and hair which made taking portraits extremely easy! This all star team is what made this wedding flow so smoothly and why we ended up with the great photos and films that we did.

Believe it or not this wedding did not take place at a typical wedding venue. All the wedding events took place at the bride’s home in Fremont, CA. Out in front of the house there was a small grassy area where the after ceremony party and dinner took place. There was live music, singing, and dancing until the couple had an official send off at the end of the night. Simi and Aneil were thoughtful and had a cold drink station during the middle of the Baraat, including coconut water.  During the ceremony guests could even enjoy a coffee beverage from the Barista station they also provided.

We would have blogged this wedding much sooner, however, Amrit decided to have it submitted to Grace Ormond’s wedding magazine. After months of waiting to hear back we recently got word that it would be featured on Grace Ormond’s ceremony magazine and it is such an honor to have our photography featured on this prestigious online magazine. You can see the feature here!

We have three events to blog from this amazing event so stay tuned to see more of this beautiful Punjabi Hindu Wedding in Fremont!

Wedding Documentary