Sonam + Navin’s Grand Entrance Video

Same Day Edits are all the rage these days in the wedding videographer world but what do you do when everyone is doing them and you want to be different? In some ways the thrill of editing together an entire wedding and showing it on the big screen is a cool thrill, but what if you just want to tease the audience with something fun, easy, and lighthearted?

This is when we decided to go with the idea that instead of a sappy and sort of longer, same day edit, that we do a “Getting Ready” video that would be played right before the bride and groom’s entrance!

The idea was simple. Shoot the getting ready and show the couple doing something sort of funny, which was taking lots of shots together. Show them leave their hotel, get on the party bus, having a good time on the bus, getting off the bus and entering their reception. At the moment the film ended the bride and groom entered to a cheering audience and the rest of the night was a blast!

To get something like this made we had to know the song and exact timing of when they would enter. We had to sort of gauge how many shots we could use to fill the time which was just over a minute of screen time, and we needed to come up with something sort of funny to add some humor because otherwise frankly, it would have been a little boring. Throw in a fast paced song with cool effects and cinematography by Wedding Documentary and you have a killer little video that got everyone pumped for the night!

Sonam + Navin’s Pre-Grand Entrance Video from Vijay Rakhra on Vimeo.

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