Swathi + Andrew | Cinematic Wedding Highlight Martinelli Event Center

Swathi and Andrew are one of the sweetest couples and we had such a wonderful time working with them for their wedding and reception at Martinelli Event Center.

Swathi and Andrew are definitely made for each other and they looked so good on the Mandap doing all the traditional Indian rituals together. Andrew took everything so seriously. He even blew everyone away at the reception with his Tamil skills! We love shooting in wine country because we can do so much with the vineyards and the gardens. It is the perfect backdrop for all the colors of an Indian wedding.

As you can see from the thumbnail image, in order to overpower the harsh midday sun, the photographer needs to use a very high power studio strobe and a softbox to balance the brightness of the sun and make amazing images in the worst lighting conditions. Had we relied on simply “natural light”, without modifiers or flash, the background would have been blown out and the couple would have ugly shadows underneath their eyes. We are always prepared for situations like these and is very important to make beautiful images, no matter what the lighting conditions are.

Swathi + Andrew | Cinematic Wedding Highlight at Martinelli Event Center from Wedding Documentary on Vimeo.

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