Maternity and Family Photo Shoot in San Jose

It was about six years ago that I photographed Nami and Ray’s wedding. Since then, they have had two children and we have had the pleasure of doing multiple family, maternity, and newborn shoots with them over these six years. Now they are expecting their third, so we met up at the Japanese Friendship Garden in San Jose last week for a family/maternity shoot. It was a very nice sunny day and we had great light, expressions, and pretty cooperative kids (most of the time)!

It is always so nice to see our couples again. We get to see their growing families and it is so amazing to meet a person that was just a newborn baby a couple years ago and now is running around, laughing, playing, and giving us such great smiles to photograph. We really feel like we are part of the family and is really the best part of being a photographer.

It is really the candid shots that we love capturing. The shots between the shots. It is that moment that a child is really just “being themselves” and we capture that magical moment. Between the poses and the parents saying “smile and cheese”, it is the unscripted moments that make these shoots so memorable.

Below are some of our favorites from this fun shoot! We cannot wait for the baby shoot coming soon!

Family_Maternity_Photos_Japanese_Friendship_Garden_San Jose_0001.jpg
Family_Maternity_Photos_Japanese_Friendship_Garden_San Jose_0002.jpg
Family_Maternity_Photos_Japanese_Friendship_Garden_San Jose_0003.jpg
Family_Maternity_Photos_Japanese_Friendship_Garden_San Jose_0004.jpg
Family_Maternity_Photos_Japanese_Friendship_Garden_San Jose_0005.jpg
Family_Maternity_Photos_Japanese_Friendship_Garden_San Jose_0006.jpg
Family_Maternity_Photos_Japanese_Friendship_Garden_San Jose_0008.jpg
Family_Maternity_Photos_Japanese_Friendship_Garden_San Jose_0007.jpg
Family_Maternity_Photos_Japanese_Friendship_Garden_San Jose_0009.jpg
Family_Maternity_Photos_Japanese_Friendship_Garden_San Jose_0010.jpg
Family_Maternity_Photos_Japanese_Friendship_Garden_San Jose_0011.jpg

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