Anna + Haris | Muslim Wedding at Peacock Gap Golf Club San Rafael

We had such a great time capturing all of Anna and Haris’ events over 4 days this Fall!

This event, the wedding day, held at Peacock Gap Golf Club in San Rafael was awesome because of all the amazing natural light portraits we were able to get during golden hour prior to the starting of their program.

We went for a soft and cinematic feel for the editing of this set to make it feel timeless, romantic, authentic, and cinematic!

Aesthetika events did an amazing job on the decor for all their events and we enjoyed photographing all the different themes that each event had.

The best part about Muslim weddings is that we can really focus on taking great family photos. There is substantial time dedicated to capturing these shots during the event, and the stage is always set up so that small, medium or even large groups look really good when we organize everyone who will be in them.

To make the lighting amazing, we use a variety of large softboxes to evenly and softly light everyone so they look their best. It is fun to really dial in the light to exactly how we want it and get that smooth light fall off, which is very flattering.

We are really happy that this wedding was very fun and energetic. It was traditional, yet modern, and everyone had a great time!

Enjoy just a few of our favorites below and stay tuned for more events from their wedding weekend on our blog!

Wedding Documentary